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CHIROPRACTIC PATIENTS: please visit our homepage. McGill Method is a separate service. 

McGill Method 

Dr. Ryan Hollien is the first and only McGill Method practitioner in Boston!


As a former sufferer of back pain, Dr. Ryan discovered for himself how the structure of the medical system generally does not enable the proper evaluation of chronic low back pain. Given that many Americans' first stop for health issues is their primary care doctor, chronic back pain often lingers, and patients typically believe they are doomed to a life of back troubles.


Marketing scams and unskilled gurus pretending to have the cure only bring additional chaos. 


The McGill Method is a practical approach to resolving chronic low back pain, and a great next step for those who have failed to get results with first-line treatments. This includes chiropractic care, physical therapy, and medical care. It was developed by the world’s leading back pain expert Dr. Stuart McGill, a former spine biomechanics professor turned back doctor who spent his whole life researching back care. All of the techniques he has developed over the years are backed by science. 


Dr. McGill is famous in the industry, but not well-known to the public. His research is fairly new, and far from mainstream. Dr. McGill's insights have only recently been incorporated into the clinical education of new back doctors. However, the vast majority of institutions still do not include the McGill Method in their training. This is very unfortunate for those with chronic back pain, but will surely change in years to come. 

For more info on Dr. Stuart McGill and his life's work, please visit:

McGill Method Pricing

  • Hourly rate of $120 per hour. 

  • The first session is approximately 2 hours.

  • This cost is taken up front (after your session) and applies when using insurance or self-pay. 

  • Any amount paid by health insurance to Seaport Spine is then reimbursed to the patient.

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