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Seaport Spine

& Sport


Seaport Spine

& Sport

Our approach combines the power of chiropractic with the gold standard of spine care research. If your symptoms are new, you’ll likely receive a barrage of advice from friends, family, and health care professionals (like Dr. Google). The long list of products and services intended for relief can be overwhelming. Clinical expertise brings clarity- simple modifications often produce immediate and dramatic results. For those suffering from chronic pain, conservative care from a good clinician is a must before resorting to invasive procedures or pain management. Our service provides hands-on relief care and a practical step by step method to fix the root cause and prevent reoccurrence. Treatment is tailored to meet your specific health and performance objectives in a healing environment.



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Chiropractic Care

Spine Biomechanics

We will apply a broad range of manual therapy skills to achieve the best and fastest results. Chiropractors analyze posture to deliver spinal "adjustments". This safe, effective, hands-on manipulation has been popularized due to instant relief. Each adjustment is designed to address motion restrictions and take as much pressure off the spine as possible. Additionally, we may employ low force techniques such as manual spinal decompression, hip mobilization, motion palpation, and assisted stretching.

Many doctors ignore or are unaware of the basic rules of spine biomechanics. Neck and back troubles are not a life sentence! With a clear understanding of symptoms, patients often feel pleasantly surprised and empowered. Our evidence-based approach involves patient education and simple progressions. It's the type of treatment that just makes sense. 

  • avoidance of pain triggers

  • modifications to faulty movement patterns

  • corrective exercise for injury resilience

  • rehab training for return to sport

     Soft Tissue Release

Our service provides focused muscle work which targets adhesions, tension, spasm, and stiffness. Local tissue damage may affect associated musculature and negatively influence movement on a larger scale. These issues often delay recovery or prevent full recovery. Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, chiropractic massage, and deep tissue manipulation are commonly used methods. Modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, moist heat, cryotherapy, and percussive therapy are also available.

Your First Visit

A treatment session is built around you! Your body, lifestyle, and goals. New patients receive a personalized assessment to arrive at a precise diagnosis and outline your care here in our office. The assessment is usually brief, but it can also be more detailed. It depends on your clinical presentation. And yes, you'll also get a great adjustment!

"Time spent in assessment will save time in treatment."

-Vladimir Janda



Ryan Hollien


Dr. Ryan Hollien is a licensed chiropractor and owner of Seaport Spine. Having first-hand experience of back pain due to a sports injury as a teenager and the ensuing frustration over the lack of effective treatment available, it was finally visiting a chiropractor that would inspire his calling to help others alleviate their back pain. By being afforded wider avenues for treatment options, the chiropractor’s thorough assessment, practical treatment plan, and positive results illustrated that back pain can be treated in a healthy, drug-free, noninvasive manner without hindrance from insufficient insurance guidelines and fragmented healthcare coverage. Dr. Hollien is able to continue in this tradition, and received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Hollien has since cultivated his expertise by attending seminars with the nation's top spine specialists. Dr. Hollien's primary objective is to deliver outstanding service to his clients.

As a native of the Boston area, Dr. Hollien has a well-established network of local doctors and therapists. He aims to create a more collaborative environment among health and wellness professionals throughout the city. During consultation, he will often point patients in the right direction if alternative routes would be more suitable to their needs. 

He also acts as a volunteer consultant to local businesses.

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